Where am I?

You are at Nomad's home page...thank you very much for visiting. I am a producer, keyboard player and composer. On this site, you'll find information about various services I offer. You can check out samples of my work.

The Making of a New Record

Here's a cool video shoot of us making a record. The whole rhythm section got recorded live! This Mare Wakefield record is going to be great I think.

Tony Poptamas Video reaches over 600,000 views!

My client in Romania is a pop star :-) I produced this track for him remotely. I'd fly over there and meet him one day.

The Splendid table Theme Song

In-Studio Performance by Rachel Solomon. She's a killer pianist.

Fusion Turkish Music

Visiting professor Arda Eden plays classical Turkish modes on fretless electric

What We Do

Audio Authorities is a musical operation with Nomad Ovunc at its center. Our goal is to create and assist in the creation of great musical projects. The variety and scope of our services can vary from a simple guitar-voice recording to the orchestration of a full pop-rock symphony record.

In the past few years alone, Nomad has been involved in a variety of projects including sound design for video games, music for TV, albums, artist demos and musicals. You might have heard Audio Authorities' work on your kid's game console (hmm...sure...just the kids), in Fenway Park, on TV, at a small club or in a large symphony hall. We hope that this is just the beginning.