“You’re a very talented arranger/composer. There are lots of soulful motifs in your work. Keep it Up”

Arif Mardin (Norah Jones, Bee Geez, Aretha Franklin)

Producer, pianist and composer Uygar “Nomad” Ovunc

  • Produced dozens of records and countless demo recordings
  • Versatile session musician for a range of styles
  • Received a Parents Choice Award for a kids music record he produced
  • Work published and performed on TV, video games and symphony halls
  • Classically trained at the Istanbul State Conservatory
  • Contemporary Writing and Production Degree from Berklee College of Music

“I had the privilege of working with Nomad and Mare’s record ‘Poet On the Moon.’ I found Nomad to be very creative and easy to work with. His talent, knowledge of music and composition brought the project to a greater level than what I could have done on my own. He was a great asset to have in the studio.”  Mitch Dane, Sputnik Sound Studio

“Nomad has been an integral part of the Designomotion team. He’s one of the most talented sound designers I’ve ever worked with, and I would highly recommend him for his creativity and professionalism. He’s brought great ideas to the table and met all the deadlines.”  Joseph Silver, CEO Designomotion

“Nomad’s engineering skills are fantastic and the piano in his studio is on par to that of any big budget studio in Nashville.”  Rachel Solomon, artist & session musician

“Nomad is one heck of a versatile musician. He truly feels the music in his fingers…and he’s a super nice guy!”   Kevin So, artist & session musician

Produced for Romanian Pop Star Tony Poptamas. Concept video

A recording session video shoot at AudioAuthorities

A recording session video shoot at AudioAuthorities