"You are a very talented arranger/composer. There are lots of soulful motifs in your work. Keep it up!"

Arif Mardin

"I had the privilege of working with Nomad on Mare Wakefield's record 'First Poet on the Moon.' I found Nomad to be very creative, and easy to work with. His talent, knowledge of music, and composition brought the project to a greater level than what I could have done on my own. He was a great asset to have in the studio!"

Mitch Dane, Sputnik Sound, Producer

"Iíve been hiring Nomad as a session keys player since 2009. His instincts are spot on, giving each song just what it needs. During sessions, heís always on time, prepared with ideas and fun to work with. And when I send him tracks to add keys to (remote recording), Iím always sent back high-quality files and great performances. I highly recommend Nomad as a studio session keys player! "

Daniel Dennis, Prime Cut Studio, owner/producer

"Nomad has been an integral part of the Designomotion team. He's one of the most talented sound designers I've ever worked with, and I would highly recommend him for his creativity and professionalism. He's brought great ideas to the table, and met all deadlines. Nomad is a great asset to any creative team."

Joseph Silver, CEO Designomotion

"Nomad's engineering skills are fantastic and the piano in his studio is on par to that of any studio in Nashville."

Rachel Solomon

"Nomad is one heck of a versatile musician. He truly feels the music in his fingers...and he's a super nice guy!"

Kevin So

Uygar Nomad Ovunc wasn't always the multi-faceted genius that he is today. He once dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player, but those dreams were dashed when he discovered that he was only 5'10". His love of ice cream led him to consider a career as a dairy farmer, but a crippling fear of cows kept him from ever seeing a profit (for some reason, goat's milk ice cream never did catch on).

Pirate, astronaut, lion tamer...one by one, all of Nomad's career options were shattered on the hard, sharp rocks of reality. Finally, pushed beyond the limits of human endurance, he turned to the one field in which he knew he could make a safe, respectable, steady and dependable living... music.

Upon finishing business school and terminating his piano studies at the state conservatory in his home land of Turkey, he started working for Sony Music Turkey. As a product specialist for Columbia Records, he recognized the strength of sound and music as marketing tools. After a year of pushing corporate art, he decided to move to the US and study more music.

Acceptance to Berklee College of Music (and denial to all others) made his school choice easy. An annoying overachiever, he finished his 8 semester program in Contemporary Writing & Production in a mere 5 semesters. At Berklee he proved himself to be a versatile piano player and emerged as a new breed of musician, combining three separate professions: composer, orchestrator and digital/audio dweeb. His interest in learning and fascination for everything that makes sound enabled him to work with a large palette of colors. From jazz big bands, Brazilian styles and Middle Eastern music to electronic composition and sound design, he continued to learn and grow.

While at Berklee, he discovered the unfathomable possibilities that technology offers artists. He embraced computers and sound processing applications as new instruments of creation. At a virtually perfect time, Harmonix Music Systems, an independent game developer, employed him and provided him with invaluable experience in the field of audio technology.

Now, all these fields of interest and experience have come together in Audio Authorities. Since starting this company, Nomad has brought music and audio services to clients with a variety of needs